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Samantha’s Stoptober Diary

Week One

“It’s Monday and I went to my first SUPPORT stop smoking group this evening. I was a bit nervous about going but I’m determined to quit. I was immediately put at ease as a lovely lady called Julie looked after me. I listened carefully to the expert’s advice and after taking it all in about the different quitting aids available; I opted for the patches and an inhalator.

So far, so good! I’m not feeling too bad to be honest. My Stoptober challenge has got off to a good start for me, fingers crossed for the rest of the week!”

Week Two

“I must say it’s not been all fun and games as I go into week two. However it’s not been impossible either. I haven’t been on a night out as I have been working thankfully, this means I don’t risk running into temptation. My big test will come on Monday as I’ll be out with the girls. I just need to make sure I get patched up with my 10mg and take my inhalator with me.

As I’m working nights at the moment, I tend not to sleep very well, so this hasn’t helped my stress levels or my general mood. What I have found annoying is how much I’m moaning, but I know this is down to quitting smoking. The fact I’m a bit moody because I’m going through this quit attempt has been a bit of a struggle. That is until I get a stop smoking text of encouragement. I’ll tend to get one when sat watching TV saying “Feeling tempted?” It’s like having a little guardian angel on your shoulder reminding me to keep going at times when you might be craving a cig.

Quitting on the whole is going well and I’m still smiling. The support from the Health Improvement Team has been a massive help in encouraging me to not give in!”

Week Three

“So this week hasn’t been the best! In fact I’d say this week has been the hardest! It all started when I left my house without my smoking inhalator – big mistake! Just knowing I had no nicotine therapy with me, made me want a cig even more. I seriously had to resist temptation and to be honest it was just pure willpower and dedication. I text my mum saying “I’m going to have a cig.” To which she replied straight back, telling me all the reasons I shouldn’t crack at this point. It was then a case of keeping busy until I could get hold of my nicotine therapy.

The next day I called the SUPPORT service from the Health Improvement Team for some extra encouragement and to ask them what to do if I get tempted to have a cig again. They’re so helpful and listened to everything I had to say by giving me some great advice and guidance. I have definitely come too far to throw all my hard work and effort away now and would only let myself down!

So it’s onto the next smoke free week! Bring it on!”

Week Four

“So the last four weeks can only be described as the good, the bad and the grumpy! I decided to take part in Stoptober to prove to myself, my family and my friends that I could quit smoking. The reasons were simple. It would be about proving to me the health benefits and the extra money I would save! I heard that Juice FM was working with the Health Improvement Team to find a quit hero to take part in the Stoptober challenge. I applied and was selected!

The service I’ve received has been fabulous throughout my 28-day journey. I have always had the support there when I’ve needed it, and more importantly the team always have a smile waiting for you too. Without the team I don’t think my Stoptober journey would have been as successful. Plus I really love my “I’m a Quit hero” mug! It was just what I needed to remind me of how far I’ve come!

Having Juice FM behind me has also been a bonus as the added pressure of being on the radio has given me the mindset that failure was not an option!

Despite the great support I’ve had around me, it hasn’t been an easy ride. There have been times when I could have given in, but reaching for a cig and a lighter wouldn’t be right. I’d think to myself “What would be the point?” In fact I was practically arguing with myself!

Different emotions have taken over since day one. I’ve felt the cravings, and then had the cravings disappear. I’m guessing it’s the nicotine therapy which has helped with these! Luckily the cravings have now subsided and I’ve reached the point where even the smell of a cig on me would make me slightly embarrassed. I mean, did I really smell like that from smoking?! Just thinking about it makes me feel queasy!

Apart from being a bit moody and short at times, I’ve got to say I feel so, so proud of myself now. This definitely outweighs all the other cons. I’ve had people ask me “have you given in and had a cig yet?” and I’d reply saying “no!”; but then telling them how many days I’ve been without a cig has spurred me on.

So, my 28-day Stoptober challenge has come to an end. Not only have I saved an amazing £147 in just 28 days, I can confirm I have not indulged, and I’m pretty sure I won’t now. I like being an ex-smoker!”

Samantha saved an amazing £147 in her 28-day challenge and is putting this money towards a holiday to Las Vegas in 2013! How much could you save? To find out more about quitting smoking and how we can help you on your way, please click here.