No retouching please, my make-ups forever

No retouching photos

And about time too eh.  Popular makeup brand Make Up For Ever are launching the first un-retouched makeup advert. Other brands are expected to follow this new trend.

What it means, is the Makeup Artist and the products they use have to be good and stand up to the test in order to pull this off.  This new ad campaign is promoting the new Make Up Forever High Definition line of products, which promise to be of such high quality that even an HD camera would fail to pick up blemishes. Take a look at a Helen E Cosmetics review.

Think back to the Dove viral ad which went round our emails a few years back showing the before and after shots of one of their advertising models.

These days an ad without airbrushing is like a tap without water.  Remember Kate Winslet and her “are they her thighs dilemma” on her GQ front cover.  The industry is famous for its heavy reliance on airbrushing to achieve perfection. Find out about the latest fashion/makeup trends.

Thighs can be slimmed, pores can be shrunk and imperfections all but disappear with the swift click of a finger on Photoshop.  So, this is a nice maverick situation, making it all a bit more real again.

For the Make Up For Ever campaign, four different women are pictured taking self-portraits using their own mobiles. Obviously they are all young and gorgeous and generally flaw free to start with but what you can clearly tell is that the Photoshop wizards have not been near them; lumps and bumps are still visible, you can see the uneven skin tone on their arms, misplaced shadows, and even, shock!, horror!, shiny foreheads. Find out about skincare.

Apart from these everyday mishaps, the makeup itself looks the business, and looks like it does what is says on the tin!

How can I make my makeup last all day?

There are a number of tips and tricks that you can do for your makeup to last longer than before. Carry on reading to find out more.

  • Always use a primer beforehand. Using a primer before applying any makeup helps products to apply easily and have a firm base for building up.
  • Set all of your cream products with powder. This will help to keep everything in place all day without slipping off.
  • Use a setting spray after applying makeup. This will lock your makeup in place and depending on the one you choose, will determine the finish of your makeup, e.g. dewy or matte.

What about brows that last?

There are ways of increasing the longevity of your eyebrows, such as filling them in with pomade and then setting that with a similar colour powder. However, doing this every morning is time consuming and leaves a lot of room for things to go wrong.

For brows that last for up to a year, find out about permanent makeup, or ‘tattooed brows’ as some like to refer to them as. The most obvious benefit is that they will save you a lot of time and is a good choice for people with busy schedules and long commutes.

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In addition, individuals that have a physical disability, such as arthritis or Parkinson’s disease will find it difficult to fill in their eyebrows every day. Permanent makeup will allow them to wear makeup without worrying about applying it accurately. Find out how to cope with a disability.

Permanent makeup in London