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How much does rehab cost in the UK?

Addiction rehabilitation centres

Rehabilitation centres offer a comprehensive programme for addiction recovery.

Whether you are battling with an alcohol or drugs dependency or a behavioural addiction, such as gambling or exercise, rehabs are designed to provide a network of support to help you recover, rediscover yourself, and get back out into the world with a healthier outlook on life.

How much does private rehab cost?

It is difficult to say exactly how much private rehabilitation centres cost, as the prices vary depending on the level of care provided, the facilities available, and the length of the treatment programme.

Prices can vary from just over £1,000 per week to close to £10,000 per week, depending on the factors mentioned above.

It is important to thoroughly research a rehab facility before choosing to commit to a treatment programme, as every facility differs slightly and one may suit you more than others.

Read more about available alcohol rehab treatment programmes.

Why is private rehab expensive?

While private rehabilitation is more costly than accessing support via the NHS, it is the most effective method of treatment for addiction.

Generally speaking, rehab treatment is delivered in stages, including detoxing on arrival, therapy for addiction and aftercare, to ensure you are ready to go back out into the world on a healthier trajectory.

Rehab provides an immediate solution for those battling addiction. Whereas treatment provided by the NHS or associated services may be cheaper, you could find yourself on a waiting list for months to receive treatment.

rehab optionsThis delay often means many people needing urgent care and support are discouraged from seeking further treatment.

Treatment at a private rehabilitation centre also takes time.

Generally, patients can expect to spend 28 days in a clinic. With specialist support from experienced addiction and mental health professionals, the treatment may be costly, but it is also highly effective.

In addition to detoxing, therapy, and aftercare, residential rehab centres look after patients with healthy food, a relaxed and comfortable setting, and leisure facilities to help get the most out of treatment.

There are shorter treatment programmes available, but a full package either as an inpatient or outpatient has proven to be the most successful.

The range of treatment options available at private rehab clinics is vast, offering everyone the chance to find a method of treatment that suits them.

Luxury rehab centres offer extensive treatment options including equine therapy, for example.

Caring for and interacting with animals has proven to help those struggling with addiction.

Equine therapy involves caring for horses, feeding, grooming, and spending time with them outdoors.

Is there free help available?

In short, yes there is free help available for those battling addiction, but it is limited and you may find it difficult to access the support you need within a suitable time frame. Unfortunately, services for those dealing with alcohol and drug dependencies, behavioural conditions, or mental health issues are stretched.

While the NHS offers free treatment, it is not as thorough as what is offered at private rehab centres. Detoxing is available on the NHS, but aftercare, including mental health support, can take time to materialise. There are waiting lists for people seeking specialist support via the NHS and relevant mental health services, so it can take months to receive any treatment.

Thankfully, several charities have been established to aid recovery or answer initial questions surrounding rehabilitation.

See: NHS website.

Free help and support for addiction

Besides private rehab centres, free help and support are available for those coping with addiction.

As well as NHS support, there are helplines for those wanting to find out more about the types of support available, how to take the first step towards recovering from addiction and what life will look like after recovery.

Resources include:

Health Advice:


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