What should you do if you have dental anxiety?

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What should you do if you have dental anxiety?

Fear of the dentist or anything to do with dental treatment is very common and affects thousands of people. Dental anxiety can range from being slightly nervous to a fear that’s so bad it prevents you from having important treatment done. View more information.

A lot of dental fears stem from past unpleasant experiences with the dentist, maybe as a child. Many others though are simply a fear of the unknown. Common dental fears include;

  • Being scared of what the dentist will say about your teeth
  • The dentist’s chair
  • Being frightened that treatment will be painful
  • Fear of dental injections and needles
  • Feeling out of control
  • Choking
  • The noise and smell of the dentist
  • Dental instruments

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Overcoming your fears

The first thing a good dentist will do is build up the relationship and the trust in order for the patient to feel comfortable.

This all starts from the moment you walk through the door where a warm welcome awaits you. Then an initial consultation with a dentist and clinical technician will take place where you can discuss dental/medical history, treatment options etc. Contact us for more.

Any fears or worries will be discussed during this consultation too.

You should never be embarrassed about having dental fears, dental professionals see this many times. But the better your relationship is with your dentist the easier it will be.

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