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Choosing an NHS or Private Dentist in London and Surrey?

Should you stay NHS or go private?

We recently answered a question from a local resident who wanted to know the difference between choosing an NHS dentist and going to private practice.

Well, the most obvious difference is the prices you can expect to pay.

The cost of using an NHS dentist is often 50% less than you would pay by going private. You will undoubtedly save money. However, there won’t be as much option with available treatments.

The trouble with using an NHS dentist is they can be notoriously tough to find. Many NHS dentists have scarred reputations from using their appointments to attempt to upsell the idea of going private. Again, this is a generalisation, but we hear it quite often.

Why Go Private in London and Surrey?

Many people opt for a private dentist simply because they value the relationship and the additional customer care that comes with being a private customer. You’ll find no shortage of private dentists in London, and many of them offer an outstanding service.

In addition, the treatments available from a private dentist are most likely going to be more than what an NHS dentist can offer. This includes cosmetic treatments such as veneers and teeth whitening.  Recommended private dentist.

Although there is a perception that private dentistry is more expensive, most practices will be able to organise a finance plan that best suits you.


Choosing between a private or NHS dentist is very much a decision best left to the individual. Go with whatever makes you feel comfortable about your teeth and your wallet!

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