The Best Exercises to Do With Your Family & At Home

There are lots of services that can help children and families get fit and healthy wherever you are in the UK. Click here to see why home exercises are better than the gym.

These include:

  • Get Yourself Lively Walking – a programme of regular walks, graded according to fitness levels and led by qualified walk leaders
  • Community activity programme – a list of local activities, from walking to yoga, swimming to going to the gym
  • Jog club – a supervised jogging club for women who want to get fit – beginners welcome


However, if your family would prefer to stay at home and work out, there are many different things you can do for an effective workout. Contact us for more information.

Here at the top 5 exercises to do at home

As life can get so busy, we are often unable to meet our health and fitness goals. These 5 moves can help you stay on track, no matter where you are. View unwinding exercises.

  1. Push ups: you can modify intensity by changing hand placement
  2. Contralateral limb raises: great for toning those troubled upper body areas
  3. Downward facing dog: slow and controlled movement is important
  4. Front plank: it will really benefit your back and abs
  5. Side plank: an ideal way of working out hips

15 reasons to have your own gym at home

Gyms at home

However, if you prefer to have a bit more equipment involved in your workout, why not hire some fitness machines?

The benefits of having your very own home gym are massive, see below for more.

  • It works out cheaper in the long run
  • It is less time consuming and is more convenient
  • More likely to commit
  • You won’t feel self conscious
  • Have the freedom to do any exercise you want

If you aren’t sure whether or not the home gym business is for you, you can always hire the equipment out and try it for a few months. Hire Fitness brings the gym to you!

Equipment that you can hire includes treadmills, rowing machines and even cross trainers. For rowing machine hire click here. To see prices in Euros, see this website.

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