Children and Families

Children and Families

The Health Improvement Team run a range of free courses and classes across Guildford, Runcorn and Surrey to help you and your family get fit and healthy. From breastfeeding through to healthy eating and exercise, our team of health professionals are just a phone call away if you need further help or advice.

Just call 0800 111 1151 or email

Family Exercise

There are lots of services that can help children and families get fit and healthy. These include: Get Yourself Lively Walking – a programme of regular walks, graded according to fitness levels and led by qualified walk leaders.

Fit 4 Life (4-13 Years)

Fit 4 Life (4-13 years) is a fun programme of activities and education, helping children, young people and their families to exercise regularly and eat a nutritionally balanced diet.

Fit 4 Life Early Years (2-6 Years)

Fit 4 Life Early Years (2-6 years) is a free healthy lifestyle course for parents/carers. The fun four week course is a mix of a one hour interactive parent/carer session and a hands on half an hour of active play and healthy snacking.

Family Eating

You and your family can learn more about different types of food, watch demonstrations and take part in cooking sessions. Programmes include Junior Chef Club, Tempting Tots and family Cook and Taste.


We are involved in a range of work that helps our young children and families have the best possible start in life. Breastfeeding has long been recognised as the ideal start for infants, and it is great for mums too.

Early Years

The Health Improvement Team offers programmes in the community. This starts from breastfeeding support and weaning, through to Healthy Snacks and Get Cooking courses.

Healthy Schools Programme

The healthy schools programme helps young people and schools to be healthy. The programme involves the whole school community from pupils to staff and from parents to governors.

Emotional Health and Wellbeing (0-19 Years)

We all want the children, young people and families of Halton and Surrey to grow up healthy and happy. Looking after Mental Wellbeing is well recognised as being the foundation for this.

Passport 2 Health

Passport 2 Health is a course for children and young people aged 5-19. The aim of the course is to arm children and young people with knowledge to make healthier lifestyle choices around food and physical activity.

Child Safety Directory

The Child Safety Directory has been developed in order to aid professionals working with families or visiting homes with young children from birth to five years old.