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Get Screened for Cancer

There are many national campaigns which aim to raise public awareness of symptoms of cancer and encourage people with symptoms to see their GP earlier.

In London, Surrey and Essex the Health Improvement Teams deliver local events and work closely with local people to increase the early detection of all cancers, particularly oral cancer and breast, lung and bowel cancers.

There are also other national campaigns which cover blood in urine (as a symptom of bladder and kidney cancer), oesophago-gastric and ovarian cancers. An additional breast cancer campaign specifically for women over 70 years and a cancer symptoms campaign has also been developed. See our fit for life info page.

Local volunteers raise awareness

Volunteers are at the heart of Cancer programmes and work closely with the county Health Improvement Teams. They are active in the communities where knowledge about cancer is low.

The key goal of these events is to encourage people to recognise signs and symptoms and those with unusual symptoms to seek help from their GP earlier. Early detection of cancers is critical to their successful treatment. Find out more about other health services.

Go to your GP or Dentist

GP’s are well equipped to recognise and assess symptoms of illness and cancer. Make sure to book an appointment as soon as possible if you have any concerns over your health.

Dentists are also highly trained and skilled at detecting early signs of oral cancers including mouth and throat cancer. In fact, treating other oral health issues like gum disease can help keep you healthy and protect against serious illness.

Periodontists are dental specialists and are experts in treating gum disease and can advise you on an oral care routine. Find out more.

Do you have any questions or concerns about your health? Contact us, we can help.


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