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Additional Services



As well as the specific services covered on this website, the Health Improvement Team offer a number of other activities for the people of Halton and Surrey.




Stroke Support


Stroke Support is a team of health improvement staff and community volunteers (working in partnership) to raise awareness of the preventative measures of stroke and mini-stroke (also called Transient Ischaemic Attack).




Expert Patient Programme


The Expert Patient Programme (EPP) is for Surrey residents with chronic or long-term conditions. The EPP course supports you to manage your condition more effectively.






Our volunteers are a tireless team of dedicated individuals who work with the public as lay health workers. They take lifestyle and early detection of cancer messages out to the local community throughout the year.






We offer a range of comprehensive training packages to professionals within statutory, community and third sector organisations. All our approaches are underpinned by evidenced-based practice.




Communications and Marketing


Effective communications and marketing is central to our work. We offer expertise across a range of disciplines to drive behaviour change and to raise local awareness in all matters health-related.